A teeny snippet

I might only be posting this for a short time, and for my few fans – but here is the moment that I have been planning in my head for a month or so (and it’s obv more than 140c for twitter):

“Quite, yes.” He cleared his throat, trying to formulate a strategy to rescue his dignity. “Colonel Jonathan Drake, at your service. I say, I’d been led to believe that there was a Scots major who was supposed to be second in command of this place.” He lent a heavy dose of displeasure to the final two words, casting a scathing look around the grounds.


“And so he is. The general sent him on some personal business, which we hope has been concluded by this time. His return will be a great relief to us, I assure you.”


“I doubt that.” Drake smiled in a manner that caused Emily to automatically recoil.


“And why might that be?” Arpan was on his guard. Emily wondered whether he might be wondering the same as she; whether this was yet another trick or torment set upon them from below.


“Why,” Colonel Drake had not ceased to smile at Arpan, “Abington’s appointment of the major to the posting has been rejected. I am to be his new executive officer, effective immediately. The request came, you see, from on high. Higher than high.”


“The Guards?” Arpan looked ill. Emily exchanged a worried glance with Sir Robert.


“Oh, dear me, no. They had approved it, I gather, but when the Duke of Wellington sends down word, why nobody has the temerity to ignore him.”

-Copyright, Kate Gray, book 4 Chronicles of the RSI – 2013


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