Research part two


The Bhairava

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In the event that anyone reading the last post came away with the notion that I don’t care for research – well, it’s more the direct opposite – what would happen if I let the research take over is this:

Five years later, writer is still making sure everything is *just right*.

Above are some more examples of the fruits of my labors – searching in the vast internets for solid and non-bogus information – I keep for each book: digital folders that hold web pages, images, research stuff worth noting – in the case of India, I’ve also bought several books.

Now, for those of you who don’t know me (which is mostly everyone) – my degree is in archaeology. A grasp on history is somewhat vital to that field. Not that I’m an expert all-around. The particular field of study was ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, Middle East. There was an entire class on Greek Architecture. And one on Homer. Not Simpson.

Geneaology is also my “thing” – though I am careful not to overindulge, because it will be 8am one moment, and the next, the buses are outside honking. It can be alluring at times, though, because we have a number of family mysteries that have not been solved. See, even now, I’m fighting the temptation to enumerate them. *Slaps hand*

I should have been more specific when I was saying that I’ve decided not to get carried away with research and over-detailing the environment. I just don’t have the time to get into being that lush with my writing – realizing that, I’ve tried to make up for it with every other aspect of the plotting, and just in the language itself.

See, I would love to be like…Ellis Peters, who wrote the Brother Cadfael series (the really spiffing post-WWII Inspector Felse series, and a really in-depth series about Welsh royalty) – I’ve often marveled at how detailed she was in creating her worlds. Sharon Kay Penman is another – but it took me ages to get through When Christ and His Saints Slept (normally I can get through a book in days, even with kids distracting me – why do they want to eat every day???).

Maybe someday my great opus will fall out of the sky and land on my head – or I’ll find a time-turner so that I can get way more done. That would be pretty awesome, though I can’t fathom being much more tired that I already am most days. Older kid was awake at 445 this morning! What is up with that? Aren’t pre-teens supposed to be all tired and wanting to never get out of bed??? Makes for a long day.

Doing my best to have the words be accurate and present a lovely (or scary) portrait – that’s the goal – while keeping output as the primary objective. Yawn.


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