The new book

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I know I’m no Diana Gabaldon, but I’m growing rather fond of “my” Major Macconnach (non-spoiler spoiler alert: he’s being brevetted soon – if you want to know what that might mean for him, give a wee visit!). He’s my creation, as is the slightly strange world in which he lives…and I like him, even with all his flaws.

I’m also going to say that I like Isabel a lot, too. The goal in creating her was to have her start out being the way many of us are in our early adulthood – certain that we have ALL the answers, jaded, untested by anything too exciting, and very cranky about having our pet theories questioned.

Making her in that form gives her the ability to fall down on her face a number of times and grow – that’s why I didn’t want to make her “too old” if you’ll pardon the phrase. It’s a way to revisit those years of our lives, as well, and do it safely.

If I’m honest (though not too explicitly so, as my kids may someday stumble over this), I made a sh**-ton of mistakes in that stage of life. Likely, we all have. Can’t change them, right? I think I’d just want to be an invisible hand, were I given the chance to go back in time, smacking myself at moments of excessive silliness.

At any rate, the new book, number three of the Royal Society for Investigation of the Paranormal series is out. Next up is the sequel to Ages in Oblivion Thrown – which is already feeling pretty intense….

Book Three: A Divided Front


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