So, yeah.

It had been a little while – and I know that we all have stuff get in the way of things at times – strep (kiddo), lyme disease (DH), pullup-bar-coming-loose-from-doorway-mid-knee-to-elbows (me, not good…pain and whatnot) – it felt like every interruption that could come along did, and not all at once, spread evenly over quite a stretch. At least it was nothing that couldn’t be overcome.

But it’s had me edgy and finding time to sit and put thoughts together has been a challenge. Not being able to run (see above) has really taken a toll as well. While it’s a “luxury” – it’s something that is imperative to my brain running evenly. It’s the ADD thing. Perhaps some of you are familiar with what happens to the “disorganized” brain after exercise – for me, it’s magic and therapy all at once. Plus, I can work out plot kinks while on running autopilot.

Anybody else having a rough patch lately? Hoping I’m not alone.


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