Haven’t been here in a bit – so much going on – and I am not one of those writers who feels ok about chucking the housework, either. I just can’t. So I spend my day dividing time up into tiny pieces and increments.

It helps when kids are in school for extra time – afterschool activities – but now I’m staring down the barrel of less than a month. Panic. I am trying to finish the sequel to the first book I published.

My summer task, rather than trying to write anything of substance, will be reading and reviewing for the most part. I have a laundry list of books to get through, I hope.

Also planned is reading TO my kids. Five years ago I thought this day was unattainable – reading to two boys…one of whom is autistic. But I have gotten a firm hold of Ariane Zurcher’s blog, and my entire sense of hope has been redesigned. We just started A Wrinkle In Time – one of my childhood faves – and I saw his eyes light up when reading Meg & Charles Wallace’s self-assessments of “feeling different”.

My second book is live on amazon – here – I hope someone will check it out and leave a review soon…I’m still out in the wilderness with no guide to see me through.

The next review will come in June!


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