Done, done, diddly done.

I’ve finished a, what shall I call it…penultimate draft? This time around, I’ve been trying to discipline myself better and not squander the time alloted. Yesterday was the final big push. I sat down at 8am, intending to go until I was done. Music on, earbuds in – I had already decided to also stop every hour and do some crossfit style back-to-back exercises. By 3pm, I had been done for 15 minutes, and was waiting for my older son to get home from school.

This is how working through ADD looks, I guess. Scheduled distractions. 5 minutes of every hour to fool around and do whatever – and then spend many more minutes reminding oneself NOT to go online except for

I’ve come to like the online thesaurus – it’s a little more intuitive than the word one, and certainly faster than the twenty pound hard copy version. As I discovered, though…it’s…R rated. Maybe even more than R, actually, as it obligingly pops up with every possible permutation of “aroused” – or…well, let’s just leave it at that. Remind me not to let my kids use this thing. Possibly until they’re in their 30’s.

I’d gotten quite far in the process by end of school day on Friday, actually, and I was deep into the one and only love scene.

Jokingly, or maybe kind of seriously, I mentioned to my husband that I wished we had two laptops, so I could write on the weekends. I don’t know if he thought it was funny or not…I suspect he envisions me having plenty of “free time” while kids are at school. And during the summers, he pities me as he runs out the door as fast as possible.

I’ve also made headway on the sequel to Unseen, which I’ll be getting back to as soon as I’m done with this. Waiting on cover art, trying to work on a title, need to read for a review, on top of taming the household…yes, I have plenty of free time. I watched the season finale of Downton Abbey while picking up, folding laundry, and vacuuming (closed captioning is a wonderful thing, but make sure there aren’t socks under the couch…legos hidden in the corners….)

And just for your enjoyment, something as inocuous as love will give you quite a variety of results, like this (note – my characters only abstained momentarily):

Main Entry: love
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: have sexual relations
Synonyms: caress, clasp, cling, cosset, court, cuddle, draw close, embrace, feel, fondle, hold, hug, kiss, lick, look tenderly, make love, neck, pet*, press, shine, soothe, stroke, take into one’s arms, tryst, woo



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