Lingering in the home stretch

I keep sitting down to “finish” the latest draft of the book I’m going to put up next on amazon. And then I sit and stare at the screen. Stare some more. Get distracted. Stare. It’s not a good place to be at the moment. As now, when I’ve just gotten settled into my seat and realize that I forgot to take my vitamins. Not a huge deal, but I’m so particular about it that I’ll sit here and obsess until I get up and do it. It’s my Monk tendency – which is in direct conflict with the side of me that gets lost in the sauce.

So now I have taken the vitamins – what else is distracting…

  • I need to vacuum, change sheets, generally declutter
  • The Christmas tree must come down before the weekend
  • There are various bits of paperwork that I don’t want to do, but should
  • We need to order contacts
  • I want to apply for my great-grandfather’s death certificate – he disappeared into California and we don’t really know what became of him aside from his dying
  • We’re out of bananas (if you knew my older son, you’d get why this is a major problem) and the water jug should be refilled from the spring

This is only a sliver of what races through my mind at any given time (it’s why I run, too – to organize the little grey cells, mais oui). This also hinders certain other activities – of the kind that would otherwise require you to be “in the moment” – and drives me a little batty from time to time. Or all the time. Rather than fling my hands up and cry, “Why am I like this???” I try to just fight the good fight and accept that stuff is going to be Not Done at the end of the day. As long as my husband’s lunch is ready for the next day, and the kids don’t miss the bus, it’s ooookay.

As for the book, I really need to beat my distractions into submission and just get it done. My friend Gail has agreed to do another cover. Since she’s doing it out of friendship for now (until I’m able to give her a slice of the cheese), I’m trying not to pester her for updates – not until I’m within a day of being really truly done and getting ready for the conversion. That sounds like a religious event. The Conversion. Hmmm.

In the meantime, I’ll plug my brother’s book. He’s writing straight up fantasy, probably influenced by all his years of D&D, David Eddings, and whatever else he used to read. I can’t remember if he was into Dragonlance (he’s only about 8 years older than I am)….

Here you go! The Rise of the Destroyer….


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