Where did I put that notebook/pencil/medulla oblongata…?

So yeah, my goal is to finish a pretty hefty number of writing projects over the coming year. As of now, I have one thing done. Somewhat done. Almost there…it’s a children’s book, with the wordy parts done, but the part where the kids look at the pictures, that’s not so much there yet. I should probably sit and sketch it out, at least. I’m not certain that I’m the best artist for the whole thing, though. So, maybe my part is 80…70% done. That’s the part where I pat myself mentally, and say, “Good job, now you can have your coffee.”

I’m a procrastinator and a distractable tangent queen. I invariably forget and remember and forget again several times before I do things like, finally get my birth control pills refilled. It’s not a subliminal attempt to have more kids! I swear! We don’t even have enough bedrooms in this house to consider it, let alone wiggle room with what little sanity I probably have left. And I’m distractable. Did I say that already? No, really, it’s not like that, it’s more like, I get started on one thing, like trying to write, get sidetracked because of the smell coming from the refrigerator when I opened it, looking for creamer, and by the time I throw out everything iffy, it’s 3pm, and the bus is honking outside. And as we all know, when the kids come home, nothing else gets done.

So, I try to do what I can while they’re at school, if I can stay on target. Sometimes I end up doing things like cooking nine dinners to freeze. Or cleaning the fish tank. Stuff that still can’t be done while they’re home…unless I’m feeling psychotic.

Today, the day I’m writing this, I got distracted by facebook, the aforementioned bcp’s, going to Target, and then a frantic call from my son’s school, because he had an unfortunate incident in his pants. And that’s where my day went, well away from a trip to the library and settling in with my thoughts, to write. At least I’m not going to end up in real trouble in nine months….


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